Portugal and Spain:

Canary Islands and other destinations:

For an undefined time we will send "cash on delivery" orders (only abailable for purchases on Spanish Peninsula) by Nacex. Sorry for the inconvenience.


24-48 hourss (depending on cuantity and wen the oredered was made, as purchase done after 16:00 will be prepared next day). After the order has been prepared we will call our customers to inform them if the order is complete or if there is something missing due to stock problems.

In case of stock problems with oreders paid by card or Cash on Delivery we will call the customers to inform them about it, but in case we can not reach them by phone or email the purchase will be sent at the end of the day to guarantee that our customers will recieve the goods as soon as possible. In case of card payment we will refound the diference directly to the same card account they paid with.


24/48 hours to Spain and Portugal (this can change if the transpiort comany has difficulties of any matter).

24/72 hurs to other destinations.

Ask for other destinations:

(If the orders are about to get to another countries these delivering times can change due to transport companies. As special deliveries we need to make a special deliver and everything may change, delivering time and also prices. Please ask our team for more information).


The client authorize to ERIKCH Import Export S.L. to hire a transport company to deliver the order properly. The price indicated below is per box, if the order weight and dimensions goes over the limited range we will make another box and the client will take responsability of this extra charge on the invoice (the orders to be picked up by the client on our store will not be affected by this):

- Spain & Portugal:

Company: Delivering: Price:

24/48 Hours

12€ max. 20Kg
SEUR 24/48 Hours

11.50€ max. 30KG

13.50€ max. 40KG

16.50€ max. 50KG

- Baleares Islands:

Companys: Deliver: Price:
EL MOSCA      48/78 horas       19€ max. 30KG
SEUR 24/78 hours 16€ max. 10KG
23€ max. 20KG
30€ max. 30KG
37€ max. 40KG
44€ max. 50KG

- Destinos especiales:

Destination Deliver: Company Price
Las Palmas and Tenerife 78/72hours El Mosca   36€ max. 30KG
Ceuta, Melilla and Formentera 48/72hours El Mosca 64€ max. 30KG

***For any delivering the client must remember that the transport company may add some extra charge due taxes and legal procedures.***

(We ask to all the clients who live on the islands that the transport companies load the ships on fridays so the orders will not reach the islands until the next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience)

- Other destinations: Please ask us for prices.


Every purchase made after 16:00 will not be prepared until next day. Except on the weekends, this orders will be prepared on monday.

Our team will try their best to get all the products you purchased but sometimes this will not be possible due to stock problems. In these cases we will call our clients after preparing their order to inform them about any issue. If the client doesnt want to change the products and wants to cancel them we will just deliver the order. Thank you for your understanding.