First purchase for Spain and Portugal:
Second purchase for Spain andPortugal:
Purchase for Canarias and other destinations:


24-48 hours (Depending on quantity and reference).


24/48 hours to deliver on Spain or Portugal (usually).

24/72 hours to deliver out the Iberian Peninsula.

Ask about other destinations.

(The terms previously mentioned are just guides, it may change due to greatter circumstances not related to our company).


The client authorizes ERIKCH S.L to hire under the client's name, a qualified transportation company to deliver the client's purchase. The prices shown below are shown per package, if the weight goes over the maximum we will make another package or as much as needed to deliver all the products. This transportation costs will be charged on the invoice (excluded the purchases that will be picked up on our store by a transportation hired by the client or by the client itself):

- Spain and Portugal:

Agencies: Deliver: Price:
DHL 24/48 hours     

17€ maximum 30KG

NACEX 24/48 hours

12€ maximum 20KG

SEUR 24/48 hours

10€ maximum 30 KG

- Balear Islands:

Agencies: Deliver: Price:
48/78 hours    

14.50€ maximum 30KG
SEUR 24/78 hours 15€ maximum 10KG
22€ maximum 20KG
29€ maximum 30KG

- Other Destinations:

Destination Delivery Agencies Price
Las Palmas, Tenerife 78/72 hours   El Mosca  25€ maximum 30KG
Ceuta, Melilla, Formentera 48/72 hours   El Mosca  29€ maximum 30KG

***To exportations, the client must be aware that the transportation company may add some custom taxe.***

- Other destinations: Ask for PRICES


All those purchases made after 18:00 hours that have not being paid will not be prepared or delivered until the day after (excluded saturdays and sundays, due to delivering companies schedules, so this purchases will be packaged and delivered on mondays).

We will do our best to gather all your products of your purchase, although sometimes may some products be out of stock, in which case we will contact you and offer you some alternatives that could fit your taste. In case you dislike our suggestions we will send your goods and refund the difference to you.